Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Reuters in Print: Reuters magazine

This seems to be my theme this week: Unexpected one-shot magazine covers. Yesterday, we looked at the horror magazine Fangoria launching a new series of "Legends" one-shots, the first focusing on George A. Romero. Today I've stumbled across the magazine pictured above, which comes from the news operation Thomson Reuters and is titled, appropriately, Reuters.

A Davos-themed magazine, Reuters looks like it would be a pretty interesting experiment in publishing. Reuters is a news gathering and syndication company (I know, it has other arms and divisions, but as for news consumption, you usually get your Reuters fix from the Reuters website or from other media organizations that run Reuters stories). Daily news differs greatly from longform journalism, and daily journalism is something that the internet simply does better (and often worse, but mostly better) than print. But a weekly or semi-monthly magazine of longform Reuters journalism ... has promise.

I have no idea if that's what the company is contemplating. But it would be an interesting way of exploiting their brand, their vast and respected news-gathering operation, and the medium of print, which isn't nearly as dead as the skateboard crowd would have you believe.

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