Thursday, February 16, 2012

Innovative Magazine Number 3: The Commonwealth Unbound

In the third installment this week on innovative magazines of note, I am being self-serving. Proud, but admittedly self-serving.

The Commonwealth Club produces a bimonthly magazine called The Commonwealth, the production of which is the highlight of my job here at the Club. We decided to experiment with a digital version; not just a digitized version of the print product (we already do that on; but a magazine produced specially for digital download and print-on-demand. We call it The Commonwealth Unbound.

And just today I learned that has listed the print-on-demand edition on its website. So now millions of people can purchase our 116-page, all-color magazine featuring politics, economics, science, technology, art, literature, fashion, and food. From Robert Reich to Ted Danson, from Patricia Wells to the founders of Twitter, from an examination of Richard Wagner's "four-headed hydra of controversies" to young creators of graphic novels, The Commonwealth Unbound is an intelligent general-interest magazine that should interest many different people.

Buy it on Amazon in its hard-copy, print-on-demand edition, or download a PDF version from The Commonwealth Club's store.

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