Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ted Danson at The Commonwealth Club, Photos

Ted Danson in the Library of The Commonwealth Club of California, San Francisco. Photo by John Zipperer.
Actor and environmentalist Ted Danson is (as I write this) speaking downstairs in the main auditorium of The Commonwealth Club of California, as part of its Climate One series of programs. An advocate of protecting oceans and ocean life, he is also discussing his new book, Oceana

If you'll forgive the grainy quality of these camera-phone photos, you can see Danson (above, in center of photo) as he prepares to go into the auditorium, and (below, right) on stage in discussion with Climate One Director Greg Dalton.
On stage, Climate One Director Greg Dalton (left) speaks with Ted Danson. Photo by John Zipperer.

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