Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Empire Magazine's Science Fiction Love; Spinoff to Follow?

The March 2011 issue of Empire magazine, the giant movie magazine from the UK, has a special section focusing on science fiction. This Sci Fi section is 32 pages long and features the exhaustive, well-assembled content for which Empire magazine is known.
I haven't read it yet; I've just returned from the magazine shop. But just a quick perusal of the articles in this section are what made me commit to buying the periodical. (Several articles on knockoffs of Star Wars, for example. I'm there.) 

It also made me wonder: Is this a market test for a possible science-fiction spinoff magazine launch? Something to take on SFX and Sci Fi Now, two other oversized, attitude-filled UK science-fiction film mags? Those two magazines also are published by large UK media houses, which put out tons of periodicals, including SFX parent Future's Total Film magazine, which competes directly with Empire, as far as I can tell.

Empire is part of Bauer Consumer Media, which is a unit/division/branch/whatever of German media Giant Bauer Media Group. They own zillions of newspapers and magazines across Europe, plus radio stations and other media. Looks to me like they have the capacity to do just about anything they want.

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