Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Two Best Horror Film Magazine Covers Ever?

While enjoying the latest installment of Don Guarisco's Fango Files over at Schlockmania, I got to thinking about how the two most recent issues of Fangoria that he chronicles – issues #8 and 9 – were true boundary-breakers back in 1980s when they appeared.

I've written about them before, but I am inspired by Don's memories of the issues to nominate these two gross/fascinating/fun covers as best horror film magazine covers ever. Any other contenders you'd like to nominate?

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Schlockmaniac #1 said...

Thanks for your kind nod to my post. I think #9 might be my favorite because it mixes grossness with a dash of surrealism (a man with a pig's head who is also breaking from 2D into 3D by attacking us with his chainsaw!).

Also, check out #29 from 1983 (GATES OF HELL cover):

And also Issue #45, a killer that combines stomach-churning images from LIFEFORCE, DAY OF THE DEAD, REANIMATOR and an arm rising from blood-filled toilet in SLAUGHTER HIGH! -