Thursday, February 17, 2011

ScottWalkermageddon in Wisconsin, the Lighter Side

I've been watching with a mixture of home-state pride and bemusement the ongoing attempts of Wisconsin GOP Governor Scott Walker to bust the state's unions (hey, I'm not the most pro-union person in the world, but let's admit it: that's what this is all about). Anyway, not that you asked, but I think states have to reckon with huge largely unfunded pension obligations. I live in California now, and it's got unbelievable pension obligations that it might not be able to meet.

But Wisconsin? One report shows that state workers there earn an average of about $24,000. Hardly pilfering the pockets of the common man. Compare that to San Francisco, where the local paper reported that one-third of city workers earn more than $100,000. The latter brings out the Republican in me. The former confirms the Democrat in me.

Anyway, as I was trolling through the interwebs for info about my home state and my beloved Madison, Wisconsin, where I spent five of the most wonderful years of my life, I came across this story on

Protests Provide a Business Boon for Capitol-Area Shops

So, everyone's biz-friendly, Gov. Scott. Now grow up.

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