Monday, February 15, 2010

A New Cinefantastique? It's Rumors Time

Cinefantastique has a web site at So if you're surfing the web and you discover, you might naturally wonder if there's another site with a similar monicker. (After all, is currently just a blank placeholder.)

And yet: At the site, there is a note dated November 14, 2009, that reads: "At present, this website is a placeholder for future construction. In the meantime, visit for news and reviews of science fiction film and television."

Someone has already posted a response to the site, asking if this means there will be a return to print for Cinefantastique magazine. No response yet. It might, after all, just reflect plans to replace with the shorter URL. But it's tantalizing nonetheless, especially in this age of a dearth of good science fiction media magazines.

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