Monday, February 15, 2010

Dinosaurs, Roof Plants, and Evolution: Views of the California Academy of Sciences

We spent the early afternoon today at San Francisco's famed California Academy of Sciences, located in Golden Gate Park. There were more little kids there than you can shake a stick at -- and several exasperated parents probably would have liked to have done so. But I suspect the parents felt it was all worth it in the end; I overheard one five- or six-year-old kid exclaiming to his father, "This was the best day ever."
Above: Greeting visitors through the front door is this giant dinosaur skeleton. 
Above: The Academy of Sciences is famous for its living roof, planted with many different plants and designed with rolling hills. Visitors can't walk on any of it, but there is an observation platform on the roof from which they can admire the designers' handiwork and take photos.
Above: How nice to be in a building where science isn't treated as if it's a collection of myths, or a matter of opinion. How nice to be somewhere that actually dedicates itself to rolling back the waves of ignorance that so many politicians, fundamentalists, and others have spread across our land. End of sermon.
Above: It's an odd scene to be in a large room with alcoves along the walls, some sporting fake (or stuffed real?) animals and others sporting living creatures, such as these penguins.
Above: The four-story rainforest exhibit was a popular one, but you'll want to get there early and be prepared to stand in line for a while.

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