Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vanity Fair Cover Shows the Tiger Woods the Women Know All too Well

I'm beginning to think that you can't beat Women's Wear Daily for media reporting. In one simple paragraph, writer Amy Wicks covers every good snarky comment I wish I'd made about serial adulterer Tiger Woods' latest place in the public eye.

Calling Woods' 2006 photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz one "of the growing list of regrets Woods would like to take back," Wicks refers to the pic that lands on the February issue of Vanity Fair (see photo, right) as "perhaps the side his multitude of mistresses are more familiar with."

Read more at WWD.

Okay, here's one snarky comment Wicks didn't make: Even with all of his bad behavior, he still comes off better than Fox's Brit Hume.

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