Friday, May 14, 2010

The Starlog Project: Starlog #93, April 1985: The Return of the Return of the Jedi

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi is back, featuring another cover and two articles inside. On a more technical side, the magazine reverts this issue to a stabled spine; it had been mostly (but not always) perfect-bound (also called square-bound or just plain old glued) ever since issue #77. Not a very interesting point to make, I guess, but it's a welcome change from the purely selfish p.o.v. of this Starlog Project: Stapled issues are easier to scan for page spreads.

Starlog #93
70 pages (including covers)
Cover price: $2.95

This issue includes the final two-page foldout poster (#24 in the series, collect 'em all): Star Wars: A New Hope. Starting next issue, there would be no more posters, no more foldout inside front covers of any sort, thanks to a reformatting of the magazine that would result in more pages and new features.

The rundown: Kerry' O'Quinn's From the Bridge column touts the "New and Improved" Starlog coming down the pike, as well as some improvements to the Starlog Festivals; Communications letters include extensive reader responses to the special review issue, #88; short news items in Log Entries include David McDonnell on the special guests at the Starlog Festivals, Chris Henderson on the latest science-fiction and fantasy books, Brick Thornshaw on the appearance by Fangoria co-editor "Uncle Bob" Martin in Day of the Dead, David Hutchison on Disneland's 30th anniversary, and more.

Lee Goldberg interviews director Richard Donner about his latest filme, Ladyhawke; Robert Greenberger talks with British actor Simon Jones about the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Doctor Who, and more; Janet Fielding, a former Doctor Who companion, is interviewed by Patrick Daniel O'Neill; Lee Goldberg interviews actor John Lithgow (2010, Buckaroo Banzai, Twilight Zone movie, and much more); Goldberg also talks with actor Robert Englund about his role in V, as well as a recent little film of his called Nightmare on Elm Street; Adam Pirani interviews 1984 star John Hurt; David Gerrold serves up "Glop II" in his column, a collection of notes on various topics; Monty Python expert Kim Howard Johnson provides the second of his two-part article on SF in the Python oeuvre; Randy and Jean-Marc Lofficier interview Bill Norton, director of Disney's li'l dinosaur movie, Baby; the Lofficier's also interview Denis Lawson, the Scottish actor who played Luke's pal Wedge in the Star Wars films; speaking of the Wars, David Hutchison continues his multi-multi-part examination of the special effects of Return of the Jedi, this time looking at the speeder bike chase; and Howard Zimmerman uses his Lastword column to give us his final Zimmerman Awards (such as, "Best Performance By Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Terminator").
"The [V] mini-series was done from the point-of-view of a modern Anne Frank; it was as if the entire occupation was seen through this teenage girl's eyes. Dominique was playing it shy and homely. ... When they recast, Blair [Tefkin] lightened it up and they made her an LA-Valley girl which painted them into a corner, too, because there was really nowhere to go with that idea after the intergalactic abortion."
–Robert Englund, actor, interviewed by Lee Goldberg: "Robert Englund: He's Willie, Lost Earthboy and Good Guy Alien"
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