Monday, May 10, 2010

Legendary Fantasy Artist Frank Frazetta, RIP

I just saw this story from USA Today that artist Frank Frazetta died today at the age of 82.

Manager Rob Pistella said, "He's going to be remembered as the most renowned fantasy illustrator of the 20th Century," and I don't think that's any understatement. Frazetta's work can be found on the covers of everything from Creepy to Epic Illustrated to Blazing Combat to the Japanese edition of Starlog to zillions of Conan magazines to Questar to ... the list is simply too long. His work was mythic, great, stirring, sexy, powerful, and inspiring.

Luckily, Frazetta's children recently ended a raucous and long-standing battle over who controls his very valuable collection of paintings, estimated to be worth tens of millions of dollars. I'm glad they were able to do it before it was too late.
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