Friday, May 28, 2010

Mithly: A New Gay Magazine – Where Homosexuality Is Illegal

It's probably a little difficult to imagine here in the United States. Say you wanted to create a magazine for something that was illegal. Naturally, your mind goes to things that are prurient and disgusting. (Shame on you.) Because so much is legal here that is illegal in less advanced nations, right?

But what if it was simply illegal to love someone, to be intimate with them, and you wanted to make a magazine about that?

No, it's not Texas. It's Morocco. Britain's The Guardian reports on a new gay magazine in Morocco. Gays might be frowned upon there, but they've got a print presence. Mithly magazine is the newest publication there. It might supplant my previous prediction of the shortest-living magazine alive today, but I wish Mithly (and Gay: Good As You) long lives.

But both of their editor's might want to sleep with one eye open.
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