Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mystery Housebuyer Strikes Again

I'm not sure who this genius is, but here's the latest column by the anonymous Mystery Housebuyer in the Marina Times:
It's already time to deploy the agent
March 2013 
Here’s a true story. Recently Judi found herself deciding to exchange her large ranch-style home for a smaller, easier to maintain condominium. She didn’t know how soon she would be able to get it on the market, so she wanted to delay contacting her real estate agent. My advice to her was to not wait; arrange a walk-through of Judi’s house now, even if the eventual sale is half-a-year away, because the agent’s input and knowledge could save Judi a lot of time and money.  
I’m not an agent — I’m not even in real estate — and neither is Judi, so I don’t write this column as a shill for any industry. But I do believe that ...

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