Saturday, August 4, 2012

Interview with Author Cara Black

Cara Black; photo by Steven Fromtling
Cara Black, author of the Aimée Léduc series of mystery novels from Soho Crime, is profiled by yours truly in the current edition of the Marina Times:
Cara Black: International woman of mystery novels  
by John Zipperer 
If you walk down Market Street with mystery novelist Cara Black, what else do you talk about but murder? As she chatted about the chilly late July weather, she occasionally flipped her hair away from her eyes, only to have the wind blow it back. But at the mention of a real unsolved murder case here in San Francisco, Black’s eyes widened and she asked for details. She then shared a true story about another unsolved murder here, a locked-room killing in her own neighborhood involving a victim from France.  
France and death are not far from the surface when Black talked with the Marina Times about ...

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