Friday, May 4, 2012

4,000 and counting: Galaxis Science Fiction and Science

This morning I woke up to a milestone – no, that's not something a doctor needs to remove. It's a marker of achievement. This morning's milestone was 4,000, the number of people who have read or sampled my all-digital magazine Galaxis.

Yes, 4,000 people is a small group compared to the tens of thousands or millions of big magazines. But for a magazine entirely written, designed, produced, and marketed by one person – me, with the exception of the cover painting – I think 4,000 is a good number for now.

"For now" because that number keeps growing. Have you read Galaxis? If you're into science and science fiction, you might want to take a look. (And if you're really into paper editions, you can purchase a print-on-demand copy from MagCloud.) Except for the print-on-demand edition, Galaxis is free to read online or even download to your computer/smartphone/tablet/whatever. Just look for the download link or icon.


Maurice Mitchell said...

I had never even heard of this till this post and it is now my new favorite magazine! I loved Starlog and this feels like Starlog 2.0! Keep up the great work and your BSG episode guide is a must have.

jzipperer said...

What a wonderful comment. Thanks!