Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Esquire Innovates All Over the Cover

Esquire's printer did not do the magazine or its readers a favor this month, if my subscription copy is anything to judge by. Note the placement of the mailing label in the image above.

I know, I know. Esquire's super-inexpensive in subscription form, so I shouldn't complain. At the rate I'm paying, I can't expect the periodical to arrive sheathed in a plastic bag, like the ones used by many magazines. But to slap the mailing label over the cover subject's head and the magazine's own logo is double damage; it's poor placement, and it's still that super-big mailing label publishers love today, rather than the thin ones of yesteryear.

Maybe it's just another of the magazine's "augmented reality" gimmicks. Maybe it's a sign that even Esquire publisher Hearst is getting sick of seeing Downey on the cover of this magazine. Or maybe they just screwed up.

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