Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Perry Rhodan Reading Project: Get Caught Up

While researching an article on Germany's long-running space opera Perry Rhodan for the next issue of my magazine Galaxis (due out in early September), I discovered The Perry Rhodan Reading Project, a very engaging and interesting blog written by Kent G. Hare. He's a professor of early European history at a university in Louisiana, and he has been reading through the Rhodan series issue by issue, starting from the beginning.

Perry Rhodan, for those of you who don't know, has produced literally thousands of books, magazines, audio books, comics, and more since it premiered in 1961.

Hare's blog is his story-by-story chronicle of the plots and his reactions to each book. He also takes the occasional detour, for example with his review of the much-derided 1967 European film version of Perry Rhodan. And it's all illustrated with some great covers of the Rhodan books and magazines.

Check out The Perry Rhodan Reading Project for more.

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