Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Digital Magazines Magma & Galaxis Keep Growing

I was so pleased in late June when I noted here that my digital science-fiction/science magazine Galaxis had reached the 1,000 viewers milestone.

Today, I happened to notice that my previous digital magazine, Magma (a magazine about the magazine industry), had also reached 1,000 viewers. That was a very pleasant surprise; I knew Galaxis had a larger audience, because science fiction is a popular topic. But Magma caters to a much more specialized reader.

So now Magma is at 1,000 and counting. And Galaxis keeps zooming along; as of today, it's at 1,600!

Enjoy them both!

I should note that the second issue of Galaxis is well under way and should be available (from issuu and magcloud) in early September. As always, you can find all of my publications at my main website.

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