Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rita Eisenstein, Longtime Starlog/Fangoria Publishing Exec, Passes Away

Sixty-six is too young to die, but that's the age at which Rita Eisenstein fell to cancer. For all of us who grew up on the magazines produced by her and her colleagues at Starlog Group (and the many other names under which that company operated over the years), it is worth noting her sad passing.

Fangoria, the only surviving publication of that once-expansive line of titles, has a nice article on its web site today noting her death and her long career at that company. (The small photo at left is taken from Fango's article.) Former Starlog Group president Norman Jacobs praised her loyalty and hard work, telling Fangoria that Eisenstein was "the mother of the Fangoria Family. The brands owe so much of their lasting impact to her tireless efforts. In terms of friendship and dedication to her job, she was one of a kind."

Eisenstein joined Starlog magazine as a receptionist during its first year of publication back in the late 1970s. She may have begun by answering phones at the company, but she quickly rose up the ranks, handling advertising and other duties and becoming associate publisher and executive vice president.

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