Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just Released - Magma: The Magazine Industry Review (Feb. 2011)

It's finally available: Magma: The Magazine Industry Review. This free 56-page magazine is my first digital publication, and it's available now at

Longtime readers of this blog will find much of it familiar, because my magazine industry articles on Weimar World Service are the basis of Magma. Here are some highlights:

The Conde Nast Powerhouse
The Life and Death of Bob Guccione
Starlog: Quo Vadis
The Disappearing Gay Magazine Market
Starlog Days (interview with Carr D'Angelo, former managing editor)
The Funnier Pages (humor magazines, ancient and new)
Excerpts from my Starlog and Future/Future Life chronicles
Who's in Control of Your Magazine? (critiquing the trend of guest editors)
Standout Covers
Plus: industry news, reviews (iPad magazines, Famous Monsters of Filmland, New York Review of Books, etc.), magazine person of the year, shrinking distribution market, online resources, and much more.

Check it out.

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