Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Julian Assange Wikileaks Poison Pill

Supposedly Wikileaks provocateur Julian Assange – now languishing in a UK prison on suspicious rape allegations from Sweden – and his fellow Wikifreaks have a "poison pill" of information that gets automatically released if anything serious happens to them.

That might be true and it might not. Maybe we'll find out. But if this organization has some bombshell of information, why won't it just release it already? I thought the whole point of that group was to make secret information public, to take down what it sees as evil manipulative governments regardless of the cost.

So some information is worth keeping secret by Wikileaks, but governments don't get to keep information secret? And Wikileaks is the arbiter?

Governments have millions of shortcomings, but at least they are more responsible to their citizens than is Wikileaks.

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