Saturday, October 30, 2010

Green Lantern vs. Captain America: Tale of Entertainment Weekly Superhero Hunks

 I have no idea if Green Lantern (a new film based on a superhero comic I never followed) and Captain America (based on another superhero comic I never followed) are going to be any good. As far as eye candy goes, though, it'll be a fun contest.

I admit to being pleased to see Chris Evans headline the Captain film; I thought he was fun to watch in the Fantastic Four films (again, based on a comic I never followed – frankly, superhero comics never were big for me).

But I'll have to give my preview vote to a third film,  Green Hornet, for now, because it co-stars Chinese actor-singer Jay Chou, of whom I'm quite a fan. Unless I've missed it, Green Hornet has not yet gotten an Entertainment Weekly cover story. When it does, I say put Chou on the cover. I am primarily a fan of his music; he and David Tao are arguably the best at mixing R&B, rap, pop, and traditional Chinese music into powerful tunes.

But I am also a fan of Chou's acting. You might remember him as one of the princes in Curse of the Golden Flower, and he was very good in that. But I think a film that fits him even better was his early starring role in Initial D, a Chinese drift-racing film from 2005.

So, hey, Entertainment Weekly: Where's Jay Chou's cover story?

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