Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Socially Relevant Science Fiction in China: The Prosperous Time: China 2013

I wouldn't want to be author Chen Guanzhong when the Chinese government comes knocking at his door, but for now I think everyone who's interested in China developing into a prosperous and free country would be interested in this article from Foreign Policy.

Writer Xujun Eberlein describes the book The Prosperous Time: China 2013, which is a pretty rough critique of the Chinese communist political system and the people's acquiescence and complicity in the authoritarian system. A rare social science-fiction story in a country where SF tends to shy away from commenting on political matters, The Prosperous Time was first published in Hong Kong and then offered by the offer free of charge to mainland readers.

It's of interest to anyone concerned with Chinese science fiction, which has had a turbulent century or so, notes Eberlein – and it continues to be turbulent, as recent turmoil at its leading SF magazine has shown.

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