Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup: Germany Favorites over Australia Tomorrow

I know, no one comes to this blog for football/soccer news. But if the entire U.S. media scene can be taken over for two weeks each year with overpowering Super Bowl coverage, I think anti-soccer Americans can just go into hiding for a couple weeks every four years.

Forget about today's game between England and the United States. England will win. (Yeah, I could be wrong, but I don't care. Nor do most Americans, so winning wouldn't mean much, anyway. Pearls before swine – that sort of thing.)

But I'm rooting for Germany, as usual, and they play their first game tomorrow at 11 am Pacific time. I'll be watching.

The Local, an English-language German news-and-features web site, offers an overview of Germany's Nationalelf and its chances early in the World Cup competition, as well as a pictorial roundup of Die Mannschaft.

For those of you clinging stubbornly to your support for America's national team, Deutsche Welle (basically, a German BBC) has an English-language article with comments on the U.S.-UK game from U.S. and UK players who've played on German teams. That might sound confusing, but the article isn't, so read it.

And if you understand German, or can pretend to, here's a video from Spiegel TV and Kicker TV with a report on the German team in South Africa.

Game time.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Well, England and America are tied at the moment, but not holding my breath. They've actually been promoting the World Cup here for the past couple weeks.

Hey, we like our football, baseball, basketball, and hockey - what can we say? And I guess I'd better add Nascar before something Southerner shoots me.

jzipperer said...

Ended a tie, too. One sloppy goaltending job by UK goalkeeper, and U.S. hopes are raised. We'll see how far they go.