Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Helping the Examiner Find Its Voice: Opinion from Northside San Francisco

From the February 2012 issues of Northside San Francisco and The Marina Times:
Help the San Francisco Examiner Find Its Voice
By John Zipperer 
On a typical day in January, San Francisco Examiner readers picked up their paper and found something missing: an editorial page. It is something that is missing frequently from that tabloid, and though it might not be missed as much as an AWOL sports section or a celebrity gossip column, it is more important than either.  
Many San Franciscans are used to not having a voice in the media. Though this city is famously known as a liberal town, there is a working majority of moderates that regularly gets its way in mayoral elections, although it is ignored by most of the politicians and local press the rest of the time.
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